Hi, I'm Carson Sernick A Full-Stack Developer.

I'm a Refurbisher, I love to remake games, and or revive old projects that were abandoned. I'm a Back-End developer, I love making games, and making sure they work properly! I'm a Front-End Developer, I love making websites, and creating UI for games!

Due to school, projects might slow down

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I am a 16-year-old Full-Stack Developer. I am from Old Greenwich, CT. I love engineering. Anything creating or building is my gig. I will not be deterred if I want to make something or start a project. I have been spending almost 8 hours a day to make a game I most likely won't be making profits from. My payment is the satisfaction of my hard work finally being completed. If you or I want something done, I will ensure it is done as fast as possible, with the utmost effort and quality. No matter the project or team required, I will make a plan and goal before starting, guaranteeing it will be followed step by step*.


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"He reminds me of a Young Elon Musk." --- Jason Summers

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Designing UI




My Timeline


Web Developer - First Website

This was the year of the creation of my first website!


First Sale - Minehut Server

I made a minecraft server. I coded it and everything. The first purchase was $60.

2017 - 2021

Web Developer - W3Schools

This was the end of my learning with W3Schools.

2021 - 2021

Programming Academy - Columbia University

Columbia reached out to me asking if I wanted to do their coding academy. I said yes and after two days of being there, they said I reminded them of a "Young Elon Musk". -- Jason Summers

2021 - Present

Game Modeling / Design - UnrealEngine / Roblox

I started learning game design so I can design my own game! Turned out, I was really good at it. My first game rewarded me with 10k visits. I went to help big games fix bugs and code scripts, leading me with 400m+ Visits.

2018 - Present

Repl.it Programming - Repl, Inc

This is a coding IDE, but online. I got paid $500 because I made a game on the platform and they thought it was "fun and Interactive". I then won another $150 for my website templates I uploaded to them.

June - August (2022)

Repl.it Creator Fund - Repository Winnings

I made a couple of little websites, and I had won $1,150 in total, as of Sep 15, 2022. This was for creators that made amazing websites and projects! Repl wanted to give these creators a reward for their amazing skills!

2022 - Present

Game Animation - UnrealEngine, Moon Animator

I started to learn animation, and have been getting good at certain movements. At the moment, I am only doing 6 joint animations.

My PortfolioMy Work

Here is some of my work that I've done in various programming languages.

"Everyone is a Coder; However, some people just need to Learn how to be that Coder. --- Carson Sernick

FPS Experiment



Terminal Portfolio

Cloudy Nights

G.O.L.D (W.I.P)

My UpdatesMy Updates

My Room :0 (3D CSS)

New thing I made:) I was bored and wanted to make something to showcase my projects! Click here - 9/11/22 (Never Forget)

New Static Noise, ETC (Koinoniphobia)

I added new static noise, to make the game more scary! I also added camera shake and tilt! Making it way more scary and real! - 8/23/22

Fixed Entities (Koinoniphobia)

I have been getting a lot of complaints about the entities, and I found the problem. NO MORE ISSUES!!!!! - 8/20/22

Added New Character Models (Koinoniphobia)

After wondering if I should do this, I finally did it. Now the character models will be the same as everyone else, and they are a little bit more realistic. - 8/07/22

Added VR Support to Koinoniphobia

After a couple of sleepless nights, I was finally able to add VR support to koinoniphobia. Along with a couple bug fixes and the addidtion of new lighting! - 7/24/22

Remake of all levels in Koinoniphobia

After some head banging, I finally decided to remake all the levels in Koinoniphobia. I felt they were too boring, so I added new textures and more entities to spice up gameplay. Along with minor Bug Fixes. - 7/21/22

New Menus and UI! (Koinoniphobia)

I remade the menu to be a little bit more presentable. Along with new door UI and Buttons. - 7/16/22

Updates to CarsonCraft

I came back to Carsoncraft after a while, I just needed to address some major bugs and minor bugs! Thats all :) - 7/15/22

New Sounds (Koinoniphobia)

I finally figured out how to change the footstep sounds, so I did. I made it dynamic so if you stepped on concrete it would sound like concrete, and if you were to step on carpet... you get the idea! - 7/09/22

NEW GAME!!!! (Koinoniphobia)

Backrooms is popular, so I want to put my skills to good use and make a hyperrealistic game of the backrooms in roblox and soon steam. - 7/04/22

Contact MeContact Me

Programming isn't about knowledge; It's about what you can learn. --- Carson Sernick

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If you have any questions, projects, or offers; please contact me using the following information.


: United States


: carsonsernick.info